About Us

Wantasport’s goal is to find you the perfect sports club or coach in your local area. Launched in October 2016 Wantasport aims to make it easier for sports clubs and coaches to connect with potential members and clients.

Wantasport is very driven to help every individual sports coach and club in the UK to grow and succeed. This is why we have built a fantastic platform in which clubs and coaches are able to advertise their services.

What we offer


Wantasport knows that clubs are the backbone of sports in the UK and being a member of a sports club gives a sense of belonging and an environment to help develop sporting talent. We provide the details of clubs in your area all in one place, making it easy for you to choose the perfect club.

1 to 1 Tuition/Private Coaching

We know that having great 1 to 1 tuition is very important for your personal sporting development. By using Wantasport you are able to choose from a range of coaches offering private lessons across a variety of sports to suit your specific needs.

Sports Camps

Sports camps are a great way to help develop sporting talent from a young age, help you make new friends, and fun at the same time. This is why we encourage all of our clubs and coaches to promote their sport camps. You will find the ideal camp for you and your children in your area.